Caroline Z Hurley Cotton Bedding

Throw / 50x72" $ 195
Large Throw / 98x72" $ 295
Small Pillow / 18x18" $ 165
Medium Pillow / 12x24" $ 175
Large Pillow / 18x48" $ 275


  • 100% Cotton, block printed by hand in New Bedford, MA
  • Free shipping to US and Canada

Limited Edition Collaboration

Block Printed by Hand.  100% American-made

Crafted in collaboration with designer Caroline Z. Hurley, these limited edition, 100% cotton throws and pillows were block-printed by hand in Caroline's New Bedford studio, then cut & sewn by WRIGHT in New York's Garment District.  

100% cotton.  Block-printed by hand.  Printed, cut, sewn, and finished in the USA.  


About Caroline Z. Hurley

Caroline Z. Hurley is a Brooklyn-based textile designer, specializing in patterned fabrics inspired by travel and simple shapes.  She works with a group of skilled weavers in New Bedford, Massachusetts — a place that once had more than 30 working textile mills employing more than 40,000 people - who learned to block print from Caroline and are now the sole producers of all CZH block-printed products and fabrics.


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