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  • Why is the Wright mattress so special?

    The W1.27 is the first mattress specifically engineered to deliver deeper sleep.  

    We spent over two years testing and developing our proprietary Weightless™ foam system using Jawbone Up sleep trackers to collect real data on how our products impact sleep quality, and to continually improve and iterate our products until they're perfect.  The result is a mattress that helps you sleep deeper and wake up feeling better.
    We found that two variables had the biggest impact on sleep quality - balance and breathability.  A mattress has to achieve perfect balance between comfort and support, and it's got to be breathable and cool.  That's what allows you to fall asleep easily, to reach the deepest levels of sleep, and to stay there throughout the night.  The WRIGHT W1.27 delivers better sleep, so you can wake up feeling better 
  • How does the Wright mattress feel?

    The W1.27 offers the perfect balance of comfort and support.  We paired a soft and plush top layer with increasingly stiffer and firmer base layers, so it's got the best of both worlds.  It's comfortable and pressure-relieving like a softer mattress, while providing full body support like a firmer mattress.  The end result is comfortable and cloud-like, with no motion transfer, and fully body support to allow you to sleep deeply all night long. 
  • Does the mattress work with a box-spring / platform / bed slats / adjustable base?

    The Wright mattress works on any firm, flat surface.  You can place it on a platform bed, on bed slats, an adjustable base, or on any flat foundation.  A box spring isn't required - all it does is lift your bed higher off the ground - but will work just fine.  
  • Do I qualify for in-home installation?

    We offer free in-home installation, anywhere in the US and Canada.  Please allow 5-15 days for the mattress to arrive in your area.  Once it's there, we'll call you to schedule your delivery window, typically within 48 hours

    We also offer faster shipping of your mattress by UPS, direct to your door, also free of charge.


  • What is your mattress made of?

    The core of our W1.27 is 100% viscoelastic memory foam.
    We tested every possible material, including memory foam, latex foam, coils, coil / foam hybrids, hand-rolled cotton, horsehair, and found that memory foam gives us the greatest precision in crafting a truly great product.
  • What does the mattress feel like?

    It combines a plush soft top layer, with increasingly stiffer and firmer base layers, to provide the perfect balance between comfort and support. It rates as a medium-firm mattress, but really combines the best of both firm and soft products.
  • Where is the mattress made?

    Our W1.27 mattress is made in Coweta County, Georgia, using foam that is poured and cut on-site and fabrics woven in Rockingham County, North Carolina.
  • How does your mattress compare to other products?

    We’ve made the best memory foam mattress on the market.  The W1.27 achieves unparalleled balance, meaning that it’s supremely comfortable to lay on, but also provides better body support than other products.  Like all memory foam products, our mattress has minimal motion transfer - you can’t feel it if your sleeping partner moves.
  • Where can I try the mattress offline?

    We ship directly to your door with a 120 day risk-free home trial, making it as easy as possible for you to try our mattress where it really matters, in your bedroom. .

  • How firm is your mattress?

    The W1.27 is a medium-firm mattress, which is the most comfortable firmness for about 90% of sleepers. We know that some sleepers believe a 'firm mattress' is necessary to avoid back pain, but we found that a medium-firm mattress is optimal for just about everybody.
  • Do your foam mattresses sleep hot?

    No, the the W1.27 is the coolest memory foam mattress ever developed.  We crosshatch-ventilated our foam layers, and added breathable mesh side panels to improve air circulation.  In addition, the top foam layer is infused with heat-wicking gel particles so that it's cool to the touch.
  • Who did you make the Wright mattress for?

    We spent over two years tweaking and testing our product to make the best possible mattress for most people. We tested the W1.27 with back, side, and stomach sleepers, and with both heavy and light people to develop a product that performed well for all types of sleepers.
  • What size is your mattress?

    Our mattress is 11” tall. Some other luxury brands offer ultra-thick mattresses, but we found that anything more than 11” had no impact on performance. Our products conform to US sizing standards:
    Twin - 39 x 75”
    Full - 54 x 75”
    Queen - 60 x 80”
    King - 76 x 80”
    California King - 72 x 84"
  • Does WRIGHT make crib mattresses or non-standard sizes?

    Not yet. Stay tuned...
  • What kinds of beds or frames does the mattress work with?

    Our mattress works on any flat surface - boxsprings, flat platforms, bed slats, or adjustable bases. The only thing that won’t work is an empty metal frame without cross slats.
  • What are your foam specifications?

    Top Layer:           1.5" 4lb Density 10 ILD 3Below gel-infused memory foam             

    2nd Layer:           2" 3lb Density 18 ILD polymer-reinforced ZeroG foam     

    3rd layer:            1.5" 5lb Density 20 ILD polymer-reinforced ZeroG foam 

    Base Layer:         6" 1.8lb Density 30 ILD base foam

  • What does Certi-Pur certification mean?

    Our foam has been verified by Certi-PUR to meet the highest standards for foam quality, surpassing all benchmarks for content and durability. This also certifies that our foams are 100% free of any harmful chemicals and meet standards for Low VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions.
  • Are there any other variations (e.g., different firmness levels)?

    No. We have found that our medium-firm mattress is suitable for more than 90% of sleepers.


  • What are your bedding products made of?

    Our pillows and comforters are made with 100% White Duck Down sourced from the Great Lakes region in the US.  We found this to offer the best balance of softness, warmth, and weight.  All down products feature a 400 thread count Supima cotton shell.
  • Where are your bedding products made?

    All pillows and duvets are filled and finished in Southern Ohio, using domestically sourced materials.  


  • How much does shipping cost?

    All shipping is free. We offer free UPS shipping to your front door, and we also offer free In-home installation with old mattress removal.  Both options are free, though the in-home installation takes an extra 2-4 days to schedule, and will require you to be there to let the delivery team into your home. 
  • Where can you ship?

    We ship anywhere in the United States and Canada.
  • How do you ship mattresses?

    We offer two options for mattress deliveries.

    First, we can provide full in-home installation. We will ship the mattress to a local delivery team in your area. When the mattress arrives, the delivery team will contact you to schedule a delivery date and time. This typically takes 5-15 business days. Our delivery team will set the mattress up wherever you'd like it, remove all packaging and debris, and can haul away your old mattress (if you don't want it anymore).

    Alternatively, if you want your mattress faster, we can ship directly to your door, in 3-7 business days for free. Your mattress will arrive compressed for shipping in a box that measures 18"X18"X45".
  • How do you ship other products?

    We ship our bedding products (pillows, comforters, and sheets) via UPS.  However if you've ordered a mattress and bedding products together and have chosen in-home installation then the in-home delivery team will deliver all your products at once.


  • How long do I have to try out my new mattress?

    We offer a 120-day home trial.  If you're not happy with your WRIGHT products, for any reason, we're happy to accept returns or exchanges, and we cover shipping both ways.  

    We do suggest that you sleep on your new mattress for a couple weeks before making a final decision though, as you need enough time to adjust to a new mattress.
  • How long do I have to try out my new bedding?

    Unless otherwise stated all bedding, sheeting, and down products have a 60 day risk-free trial period. New or gently used bedding products can be returned or exchanged within 60 days of receipt of your order.

     To initiate a return or exchange please email us at

  • How do I return or exchange a product?

    Contact us at or at 800-240-5203 and we'll arrange for your return or delivery.  We'll schedule a pickup so that we can come get the products from you, and we cover all shipping expenses.  
  • How does the 15 year warranty work?

    We guarantee our mattresses against defect or deterioration for 15 years.  If the mattress breaks down in that time, we'll be happy to replace it for a new one.  This coverage includes any material change to the mattress that impacts its performance, including any sagging or indentation of more than 0.5".  Stains and surface discolorations are not covered. 

    To redeem the product guarantee, please contact or 800-240-5203.  


  • Who are you guys?

    We are a committed team of product designers and bedding experts, passionate about making great products.  The company was founded by Dan Hauber, building off his years of experience in the mattress industry.   
  • When was the company started?

    We began initial research and product testing in the Summer of 2012, and formally launched the business in 2014.  
  • Where are you based?

    We're headquartered in New York City.  We design all our products there, and work closely with our suppliers in Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio, and South Carolina.
  • Can I work at WRIGHT?

    Contact for more information.  We're currently hiring for several positions.


    • Do you offer payment plans or product financing?

      Wright Bedding has partnered with Affirm to offer our customers a quick and easy way to apply for financing terms. With Affirm, you can purchase the mattress you want today and pay for it over time with rates as low as 0% APR*.  

    • How does it work?

      On the product page, click on the "Affirm" button to apply.  Pre-qualification does not affect your credit score, and all of your data is handled securely. If you are offered loan terms that are satisfactory to you, and have finished shopping, you can check out and complete your purchase right from Affirm’s application window.  

      If approved, your rate will be from 0% APR or 10-36% APR based on your credit and eligibility.  Options depend on your purchase amount and credit profile, and may require a down payment.  

    • Why was I not approved?

      All underwriting decisions are made by Affirm, our financing partner.  Should you have any questions regarding your application you can contact them directly at 855-423-3729 or

    • Affirm FAQ

      Please click here to read Affirm's Frequently Asked Questions. Should you still have any additional questions about Affirm’s financing program, you can reach out to them directly at 855-423-3729 or*Your terms may vary and are subject to application. Rates for a loan to finance a purchase range from 0% to 29.99% APR.  Payment options through Affirm are provided by these lending partners:

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