On a mission

To build the world's
best mattresses and bedding

We're dedicated to building the best possible products for your bed, and to building them the right way, here in the US, using only American materials.  

Why it matters

Each day begins and ends in bed

We do all this because your bed is the most important space in your life. It's where you sleep and where you dream. Where each day begins and ends. We treat your bed with the respect it deserves.  

Who we are

A team of dreamers and doers

WRIGHT was started in 2013 by Dan Hauber.  After working in the mattress industry, he saw an opportunity to build the kind of business that he’d buy from - with a real commitment to better products, featuring better design, and sold through better stores. He set out to craft a business dedicated to building great products, and named it WRIGHT in honor of their devotion to design and craftsmanship.

All WRIGHT products are designed in New York, and built entirely in the USA from American materials.