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We founded WRIGHT to build the world's best mattresses and bedding

Our Mission

We aim to make products worthy of your bed - the most important space in your life.

That’s why we work harder on our product design. We launched an unprecented sleep study, tracking tester's sleep, night after night, for more than two years, developing a unmatched understanding of how mattresses impact sleep quality. We base all our product design on this actual sleep performance data, and then work tirelessly to improve our products until they deliver deeper and better sleep.

What We Do

We extend this commitment to the rest of our business too. Buying a mattress is an important decision, and you should trust the people you buy from. That’s why we make the following promises to our customers:

We're American-Made

Our products are built in the US from American components. We're deeply integrated with all our suppliers, giving us greater control over each step of the process.

We're serious about sleep

We care deeply about making better products, and we're committed to the actual design work required to deliver a better night's sleep. We're relentless about research, testing, iterating, and improving.

We Shoot Straight

We offer fair trial and return policies, with honest and transparent pricing – no haggling or monkey business. And we're proud to stand by our mattresses with an ironclad 15 year guarantee - so you can be confident that they'll last a long time.

We'll Take Care of You

Buying a mattress is an important decision. We'll do whatever we can to make it easier. Our stores are welcoming, and we'll put fresh sheets on the bed for you. We’ll set up your new mattress, and haul away your old one for recycling if you don't want it anymore.

Why It Matters

We do all this because your bed is the most important space in your life. It’s where you sleep and where you dream. Where each day begins and ends.

We built WRIGHT to make products worthy of your bed.

Who We Are

WRIGHT was started in 2013 by Dan Hauber. After working in the mattress industry, he was disappointed that there were no good options for discerning shoppers. He saw an opportunity to build the kind of business that he’d buy from - with better products, featuring better design, and sold through better stores. He set out to craft a business that was truly committed to building great products, and named it WRIGHT in honor of their devotion to design and craftsmanship..

All WRIGHT products are designed in New York, and built entirely in the USA from American components.