Why we started WRIGHT

With so many mattress brands launching each month, we wanted to share our own story of how and why we started WRIGHT.  


WRIGHT Founder Dan Hauber:
We built WRIGHT because there was a huge hole in the market.  There are a lot of cheap mattresses out there already for younger, price-conscious shoppers.  You had Ikea and Sleepy's, and now we've got Casper and Purple and Leesa.  That customer is now pretty well served by what's out there.  



And then at the other extreme, if you can afford $20,000 for a Hastens, or $10,000 for a Duxiana then of course you can get a great product and great service, but that's a huge gap, between the Casper shopper at $800 and the Duxiana shopper at ten grand.  That's a lot of people who have no good options.  Where's the brand for people like me?  



What about people who care about getting something great, who thoughtfully choose the right products and brands for everything else in their lives?  Those shoppers, people just like me, still typically go to a Sleepy's or a Mattress Firm and buy a Tempur-pedic or a Serta.  That's a store they hate, a brand they don't believe in, and a mediocre product that they're settling for.  Because their had never been a better option.  That's what we set out to create. 

We built our entire business around crafting better products.  We set out to match the quality of the world's best mattresses from Hastens and Duxiana and Vispring, but made in America and sold directly to our customers.  We develop better materials, that feel great and will last a long time, and we do the real R&D work to develop mattresses and bedding that truly perform better.