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Weightless foam and responsive coils, for the best of both worlds

For our new W2.15 Hybrid Mattress, we spent three years developing a precision coil base that pairs perfectly with our beloved WeightlessTM Foam System.  

The W2.15 Hybrid Mattress delivers the unmatched sleep performance that our customers love - now in a more active and responsive feel.  



We paired our plush top layer with increasingly stiffer middle foam layers, on top of an active pocket-coil base.  It's the perfect balance of comfort and support, all in a more responsive surface.  


The perfect coil base, refined through 3 years of testing

We spent more than 3 years perfecting our coils, developing a mattress that delivers unmatched sleep performance with active and responsive support.  



Our unique coil structure provides a smoother variable resistance.  Soft for the first 15% compression, then progressively firmer and firmer as more force is applied.  

Our coils are also triple heat tempered and air-cooled each time.  This technique takes longer, but it means our mattress will hold up through decades of heavy use, far longer than single-tempered or water-cooled coils.  


100% Made in America

The W2.15 Mattress is 100% made in America, from 100% American materials. We can trace each component back to the source, ensuring total quality control.

Rest easy for 15 years - guaranteed

We build our products to last, which is why we can offer the best guarantee in the industry.  We promise that your mattress will hold up for 15 years of us, without wearing out.  It won't get softer, it won't sag - it won't feel different at all.  If any of that happens, we'll replace it with a new one, free of charge.    



Product details

Height: 12" 
Firmness: Medium-firm
Contents: Open-cell breathable memory foam, zoned pocket-coil base
Country of origin: 100% American-made