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Wright W1.27 Mattress

We started WRIGHT because we couldn't find a mattress worthy of our beds, and so we decided to build one. We researched all the best luxury mattresses in the world, and then spent two years in testing and development to craft something even better. We recruited real testers and tracked their sleep quality data through 27 rounds of prototyping, always refining our product to deliver deeper and better sleep.

A Better Night's Sleep By Design

The perfect balance of comfort and support

Many people think they need either a firm mattress or a soft mattress, but what actually matters is comfort and support.

We tested our foam system through 27 iterations, using pressure-mapping and force-resistance data to identify the optimal balance of comfort and support to ensure deep sleep across a range of body sizes.

Comfort & Support Performance Data

3Below™ Cooling Foam

Breathable and cool

The optimal bed temperature for deep sleep is 90 - 92 degrees. That's where you'll feel warm and comfortable, but not stuffy and restless. To perfect the W1.27's surface temperature, we developed an extraordinary new foam called 3BELOW™, infused with heat-conductive gel particles that draw heat from your body and disperse it throughout the mattress where it can escape.

As a result, the W1.27 sleeps three degrees cooler than other foam mattresses, right in the sweet spot for deep, uninterrupted sleep.

Heat Absorption Profile: 3Below™ Foam vs. Conventional Foam:

3Below™ Performance Data

Zero-G™ Responsive Foam

Responsive and Durable

To sleep deeply, your mattress must be responsive enough that you can move throughout the night without feeling stuck. We developed a revolutionary new foam called ZERO-G™, with a double-lined honeycomb structure that reinforces each individual foam cell, for optimal responsiveness.

This reinforced structure also makes ZERO-G™ more durable than other mattress foams, leading to more consistent performance over time. That’s why we can stand behind our mattress with a 15-year guarantee.

Zero-G™ Performance Data

Two-year Sleep Tracking Study

Built on real sleep data

To ensure our products actually perform better, we recruited an army of testers and tracked their sleep, night after night, for more than two years. We tracked sleep quality through 27 rounds of testing, continually refining our product until it delivered deeper and better sleep than anything else.

  • Awake
  • Light Sleep
  • Deep Sleep

Actual Data From Our Sleep Tracking Tests