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American-grown Supima cotton, for the softest sheets on earth

We use 100% California-grown Supima, the softest cotton in the world, for the most comfortable sheets you'll ever own.
Plain weave percale for a crisp, cool feel.  Made by hand in the USA.



Better cotton for better fabric

We use only extra long staple American-grown Supima, bred to produce the longest cotton fibers on earth.  That means we can spin it into stronger and finer yarns, which makes for a fabric that's both softer and stronger.  Our sheets are more comfortable from Day 1, and only get better through years of use, getting softer and softer with each wash.


American-made, and 100% American-grown

We use only California-grown Supima cotton, and all our sheets are designed, cut, and sewn in New York.

2021 update - for years we've proudly made our sheets 100% in America, using cotton that's grown in California, spun in Georgia, woven in South Carolina, and cut & sewn in New York.  Sadly, our trusted weaving mill in Easley, SC shut down earlier this year.  There currently aren't any weaving mills in the US capable of making fabric to our quality standards, and so as of November 17th, 2021, all Wright cotton sheeting fabric is being woven in Portugal.   We're using the same 100% California-grown Supima, so the cotton is just as soft and as durable as ever.  And the sheets are still cut and sewn by our small team in New York, so the products are indistinguishable from the American-woven version.  We're currently working on launching our own weaving mill in the USA, and will be back to making 100% American-made products as soon as possible.  



Smarter design for better performance

Hidden hand-holes in the duvet cover, double-gauge elastic in the fitted sheet, reinforced bottom corner seams - we’re constantly refining and improving our products until they perform better than anything else available.