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Linen the way it's meant to be made

Unlike thinner, gauze linen, we use 100% full-length flax for finer yarns, then weave for a full 8oz. weight, and stonewash for softness.  The result is a fabric that feels like linen should - fully breathable, richly textured, and wonderfully soft.   

  • 100% full-length Belgian flax.
  • Designed, cut, and sewn in the Garment District in New York, NY. 


Heirloom quality fabric

We craft proper linen fabric, weaving to a full 8 oz. per square yard.  Our linen feels wonderfully soft when new, and unlike thinner linen sheets, our products are built to last, getting softer and softer with each wash. This is the way linen used to be made, when it was strong enough to be handed down from generation to generation.  


Naturally cool and breathable

Linen fabric is naturally soft and cool, making for great bedding fabric.  The variability of the natural flax fibers adds texture to the weave, increasing airflow and breathability.  And because linen wicks moisture away from the skin, it feels cool even when you're hot - perfect for Spring and Summer. 


Crafted in the Garment District, NYC

By making our products locally, in small runs, we can deliver superior design and craftsmanship.  Hidden openings in the duvet cover seams, double-gauge elastic in the fitted sheet, full envelope pillow closures - we’re constantly refining and improving our products until they perform better than anything else available.