The Wright Memory Foam Layers

               High density viscoelastic memory foam can be the most comfortable sleep surface in the world but it takes more than just a layer of medium density foam on top of a base layer to achieve the perfect balance of comfort and support. We spent over 2 years testing different foam densities, air flow ratings, and response times in each layer to arrive at the W1.27 mattress, the culmination of 26 prototypes and endless research.

               The top layer is 1.5” of 5lb density cooling gel infused memory foam. The gel infusion works to keep you cooler and more comfortable in two ways. You can learn more about that here. We went with a high density top layer to ensure the longevity of the product. High density foams can handle decades of use without breaking down or sagging. Wright consistently uses the highest quality foams available so that your mattress will provide years of comfort.

               The second layer is 2” of 3lb density memory foam. We used a slightly less dense foam here so that your body is cradled into the foam. This is where the “weightless” feeling comes from. That isn’t all though, this layer of foam has additional polymer on the cell membranes of the foam molecules. This does two things. Firstly, the foam here has a much more rapid response time than standard memory foam. That means you can move freely without feeling stuck in the indentation made by your body. The foam very quickly returns to its natural position removing the stuck, sinking feeling of traditional memory foam mattress. The second aspect of this additional polymer is that the foam here does not fatigue after years of use. In tests against conventional memory foam, our foam typically loses less than 2% of its IFD firmness, even after 1000’s of nights of use. Standard memory foam has typically lost about 30% IFD by even the 1000th night.

               The third layer is 1.5” of 5lb density foam with the thicker cell wall technology also utilized in the second layer. This is the layer that provides the support that keeps you aligned throughout the night. We upped the density here to 5lb and increased the response rate even farther. The top two layers keep you cool and give you the weightless feeling that makes you comfortable, this layer ensures that you don’t sink in too far and wake up with a sore back or shoulder.

               The 4th layer is the base layer and Wright continues using foams above and beyond the standard here. The base layer works to hold everything together and ensure the long life of the mattress. We found 6” to be the ideal base height, enough to provide support and durability, but not unnecessarily high in order to make the mattress look “premium”.