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Limited Edition Collaboration

Wonderfully soft cashmere & wool throws.  100% Made in America

Crafted in collaboration with design house JM Generals, this limited-edition cashmere & wool throw was 100% made in the USA, using actual American wool & cashmere.  Wonderfully warm and luxuriously soft, it's the perfect addition to a cozy winter bed, or the perfect companion to your living room couch.  

Caprette Cashmere Goats

                                         Caprette Goat Farm - Northern California


Real American cashmere and super-fine wool 

Cashmere is the finest and softest wool in the world, known for producing wool fabric that's incredibly soft and warm, while still feeling light and smooth.  Cashmere is also expensive to produce, as it grows only on the necks and chins of special cashmere goats.  95% of the world's cashmere supply comes from Central Asia, from large farms in places like China, Mongolia, and Afghanistan. 

Instead of importing bulk cashmere from Asia, we worked with the designers at JM Generals to source American cashmere from the family-owned Caprette farm in Northern California, who have been raising cashmere goats for 15 years.  By working directly with the farm, WRIGHT and JM Generals can source amazing cashmere, right from the goat's chin.  And by handling all spinning, weaving, and finishing entirely in the US, we can ensure the highest standards of craftsmanship in each step.