Wright Bedding Hotel Partnership Program

  • Far better products at a lower cost
  • Seamless logistics & delivery
  • Transform bedding from an expense to a profit driver
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We'd love to speak with you about your hotel bedding, so please drop us a line at 800-240-5203 or at hotels@wrightbedding.com today.

Or if you'd like to order samples now, you can place an order on wrightbedding.com with code WRIGHTHOTELPROGRAM for access to our introductory sample pricing

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to purchase samples at wrightbedding.com with our special sample pricing

"I must shout out the beds. Wright Mattresses can do no wrong!"
-TripAdvisor Review, Urban Cowboy Nashville
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The best bedding in the USA

Wright Mattresses have the highest customer ratings in the USA, higher than Tempur-pedic, Sleep Number, Simmons Beautyrest, or any other brand.

That's because we work harder to design products that actually deliver a better night's sleep, with 51 more minutes of deep sleep per night, on average.

Delivered at the lowest cost

We're not a typical vendor who tries to maximize the profit margin we make from selling to you. We are a true partner, who will work with you to determine the best selection of products for your rooms, and to source them at the best possible price for you.


Get your rooms online faster

We handle all logistics and delivery, and will work with your facility teams to ensure all deliveries, removals, and replacements are done seamlessly. In union and non-union buildings, in urban centers and in remote areas, and with all possible configurations of loading docks / elevators / stairs / whatever you can throw at us - we’ve done it all.

A full range of luxury products

We offer a full range of sheets, pillows, blankets, and other accessories, all available in a variety of fabrics, materials, weights, and designs. Whatever you need for your guest rooms, we’ll supply the perfect solution.

Your unique profit opportunity

Step 1:

Guests get $300 off their purchase

Using your custom discount code, guests get $300 off their purchase of any products at wrightbedding.com

Step 2:

Wright Bedding does all the work

We create all materials, including in-room cards and email campaigns. We handle all staff training and education. We take care of all customer service.

Step 3:

We send you a check, every month

We track usage of your code to tally all revenues from your guests' purchases. We send you a monthly report, along with a check for your 10% revenue share.
Book a call with our team today, to discuss your hotel project and how Wright Bedding can help you.
Or drop us a line at 800-240-5203 or at hotels@wrightbedding.com. We'd love to speak with you.