How Wright Keeps You Cool & Comfortable

            High density viscoelastic memory foam is proven to be the most comfortable sleeping surface but that didn’t mean there wasn’t room for Wright to improve upon it. The most common complaint about memory foam mattresses is that they “sleep hot” – the tiny air bubbles in the foam are a natural place to store body heat.

            We took several steps to mitigate heat trapping and ensure that the Wright mattress gives you the comfort and support you expect from a high-quality memory foam mattress without the drawback of excessive heat and stuffiness.

            The first step Wright took was by adding microencapsulated phase-change material encased in gel beads. This step actually works to keep you cooler in two different ways.

            First the gel itself is denser than even the densest memory foam and warms much more slowly. This allows the top layer to feel cool to the touch initially. This is critical for keeping you comfortable when falling asleep.

            The PCM’s inside the gel beads is what keeps you cooler throughout the night. The PCMs absorb body heat and store it at the standard memory foam rate until they reach the phase-change temperature. At this temperature the material inside the gel turns to liquid and begins to absorb heat at a much higher rate while maintaining an almost constant temperature. The PCM’s then store this heat energy until the temperature around them cools back down – after you get out of bed in the morning.

            The second temperature regulating step we took was using open celled foam for the entirety of the mattress. The air bubbles in the foam touch and are open to the outside. Allowing for greater airflow and breathability.

            The third step we took was in using ventilated cover fabrics. The 4 corners of the mattress cover feature reinforced vents and the removable mattress cover top is zippered in place. Allowing increased airflow along the top edges of the mattress.

            In addition to these steps we designed the top of the Wright mattress cover to be three dimensional. The peaks and valleys of the knit herringbone design create airflow channels between your sheets and the top of the mattress. One more way Wright combines form and function.  

            To learn more about the work we put into creating the perfect balance of comfort and support in our mattress please read here.