Jack Mazzola of Jack's Coffee

Jack's West 10th.

Today's profile subject holds a special place in WRIGHT history.  

When WRIGHT founder Dan Hauber started working on his crazy idea for a mattress company in 2013, he set up shop in the Jack's coffee on West 10th Street in Greenwich Village.  Playing hooky from his day job, and fueled by countless cups of Jack's coffee, he wrote the original business plan and started taking meetings from a corner table.  "It's safe to say that without Jack's, WRIGHT wouldn't exist."  

That's why we're proud to serve Jack's coffee in our showrooms, and why we've even been known to send bags of Jack's to customers.  Today we're catching up with Jack himself to hear more about how he started his business, and how to make the perfect cup of coffee.  

Jack Mazzola began Jack's Stir Brew Coffee: NYC's first coffee house to serve exclusively organic, Fair Trade, shade-grown coffee, paired with vegan fare. Jack's crop-to-cup philosophy is inspired by his time working on an organic Dominican coffee plantation, childhood memories in his Italian grandmother's kitchen, and his father's ideals which emphasized the importance of creating honest and sincere relationships with everyone from the farmers to the suppliers and the customers. Read on to see how he begins each day.  

Jack Mazzola Jr.

Also known as:
Jay Bird

Describe your childhood bedroom:
My brother and I shared a room. I taped a line separating the room with Duct tape .. he was such a slob .. my side of the room was clean, and I always made my bed!

What's your craft?:
I'm a curator/producer... of Amazing People and Interesting Things

Describe your ideal work environment:
Clean, free of stuff, lots of light, and a white board

Last place you visited:

Where do you spend most of your time?:
On the streets of NYC

Tell us about the most interesting thing in your house:
I have a collection of "The Velvet Underground & Nico" albums. They were produced by Andy Warhol and signed by the band members. Each one is framed on my wall. I'm a collector of art, and that's a good find!

What's your favorite way to wake up?:
Morning must-dos to feel inspired:

Favorite local coffee shop:
Jack's on 10th Street
Currently listening to:
Ryan Adams
Can't leave the house without:
my watch - a black on black Swatch

Your motto: I live by Honesty and Authenticity
Tribeca, New York
Shot by Sharokh Mirzai