Coco Baudelle

If you've found yourself walking the streets of New York or scrolling through Instagram as of late, you've likely been met with the striking beauty that is Coco Baudelle. Once a lawyer-to-be, the Montréal native now divides her time between acting, painting, writing, and modelling.
Below, discover how Coco Baudelle chooses to begin each day.


Coco Baudelle

Describe your childhood bedroom:

Lava lamp, Backstreet Boys posters, stickers, photos of my friends, secret diaries,

love letters, big old computer, carved names of my crushes on the side of my dresser. 

What's your craft?:

Film and painting.

Describe your ideal work environment:

Lots of cameras, touching screenplay, director with beautiful vision.

Last place you visited:

Palm Springs, California.

Where do you spend most of your time?:

I wish I could say the beach, but I walk a lot in the streets of New York City.

I always carry a little journal where I write down things I see and hear people say.

Tell us about the most interesting thing in your house:

I have this enormous Rolling Stones book with the best photos, but I also use it to press flowers. 

What's your favorite way to wake up?:

Early, in my boyfriend's arms, to the smell of roses. 

Morning must-dos to feel inspired:

Soul music.

Favorite local coffee shop:

Box Kite in the East Village.

Currently listening to:

BJ the Chicago Kid

Can't leave the house without:

Lip liner!


Your motto: 

Cry later.

February 2016
East Village, New York
Shot by Sharokh Mirzai