Pap Shirock

Whether she's modelling, acting, or performing with her band, Pap Shirock is constantly creating.
We shared a morning in her sun-filled Venice apartment, and learned how the self-described "extreme extrovert" starts each day.

Full name:

Pap Shirock

Also known as:


Describe your childhood bedroom:

Bunkbeds for my sister and I, fish tank with whatever lizards or turtles we

had recently found, a tiny hammock hanging in the corner filled with stuffed animals,

giant bookshelf full of children’s books, my desk - covered in stickers, glitter & puffy paint.  


What's your craft?:

Acting, modelling, music.

Describe your ideal work environment:

Somewhere that’s bright & clean, but still cozy.


Last place you visited:

I moved out to California recently, so I’ve been traveling around and trying to experience

as many new places out here as possible.  The last place I visited was Palm Springs a week or so ago.

There’s something so beautiful & calming about being in the desert.  I really loved it.  

Where do you spend most of your time?:

I guess you could call me an extreme extrovert – I get a lot of energy & inspiration

from being around people, new friends & old.  So I tend to spend most of my time with friends.


Tell us about the most interesting thing in your house:

I have a pretty small space for the moment, and still haven’t brought most of my things out

here from Nashville (where I moved from).  I’m enjoying living simply, but I’m missing a few

of my favorite things. I guess the most interesting thing to me in my place at the moment is my piano.
I found it on Craigslist,and it ended up being my friend’s piano from their studio. So, some of
my friends who have recorded there wrote songs on it, and now it’s been passed on to me to write some music on.


What's your favorite way to wake up?:

I’m not a morning person, so I’d have to say my favorite way

to be woken up is very gently, with lots of kisses & hugs if possible!


Morning must-dos to feel inspired:

Open my eyes.  Take a good look around me, and a deep breath,

and be thankful for all that is my life.


Favorite local coffee shop:


Currently listening to:

Sylvan Esso, Tame Impala, Father John Misty, Lo-Fang, Sleepwalkers

Can't leave the house without:

I tend to leave the house without everything.  My dad said if my head

wasn’t attached to my body, I’d leave without it.


Your motto: 

Love well & find joy every day.
February 2016
Venice Beach, California
Shot by Garrett Cornelison