Caroline Z Hurley

Below, explore the nuances of Caroline's morning routine, and learn how she sets the foundation for an inspired, empowered day.

Full name:

Caroline Z Hurley

Also known as: 


Describe your childhood bedroom:

We lived in a magical and creative household in Memphis, TN. My mom let me paint my room. I painted it all green with a tropical rain forest scene. I remember pitching tents inside my room and telling stories and reading books with my sisters.  I was scared of the dark so I had those funny glow worms all over the place and I think I slept with the light on (in my tent). I would pile up all my blankets and get real cozy.

What's your craft?:

I am a painter. Or at least that’s what I think of myself as, but I also love creating things to make peoples homes as cozy and happy as possible.  

Describe your ideal work environment: 

I like my space to be beautiful and simple and filled with light. My current studio has a wall filled with textiles I’ve collected from my travels. Then I have a big table in the middle where all the design and creative stuff happens (and all the logistics too). I believe that the space you work in reflects the type of work you create, so having a beautiful space is super important to me.  

Last place you visited:

Oaxaco, Mexico. One of the most magical and spiritual places I've ever been to. 

Where do you spend most of your time?:

I spend most of my time split between my Brooklyn studio and my west village apartment.  I also travel quite a bit – each collection is based on a city. I built this into my business because I am most creative on the road.  When I am immersed in a new culture everything makes more sense and I can see colors more vividly. I guess its that grand idea that perspective gains clarity!

Tell us about the most interesting thing in your house:

I am a real textile collector so I think my favorite things are those pieces and the one in particular that is my favorite is the this vintage light weight wool head scarf that was made in the high atlas mountains of morocco.  

What's your favourite way to wake up?:

I am in this new phase where I don’t set an alarm and let my body wake when it wants to. I usual rise at around 7am, mediate for 15 minutes while I am still in bed, then I write for about 5-10 minutes (just stream of consciousness), then go for a quick jog, then come home make tea, then head to studio at around 8:30/9am.


Morning must-dos to feel inspired:

I usually wake up with so many ideas – mornings are when I think the most clearly so I try to capitalize on this time which is why writing first thing in the morning is so helpful.

Favorite local coffee shop:

whynot coffee in the West Village or Elk Coffee in West Village

Currently listening to:

Leon Bridges! Dear lord he is good!

Can't leave the house without:

Book of my to-do’s

Your motto:

Figure out what you want and believe that no matter what you’re gonna make it happen - live your best life and don’t settle. Ever.