WRIGHT New Year's Resolution Bedding Sale

Now through January 15th, get 20% off WRIGHT American Cotton Sheets with code HAPPYNEWYEAR, a savings of up to $49: 


Introducing WRIGHT American Cotton Sheets

The world's softest sheets, made 100% in the USA.  Extra long staple Supima cotton, grown in California, spun in Georgia, woven in South Carolina, designed, cut, and sewn in New York.  

Supima cotton is bred to produce longer and thinner fibers, which can be woven into fabric that's softer to the touch, and that lasts for years and years, getting even softer with each wash. 

In addition, by making all our products locally we can improve on the production design, incorporating innovations like double-reinforced seams, 8 gauge elastic, and hidden hand-holes in the duvet cover.  

Any questions?  We're around and waiting for your call at 800-240-5203.  

*New Year's Resolution 20% Off pricing should be automatically applied at checkout, but may not appear if you change devices or clear your browser cache.  In that case, enter code HAPPYNEWYEAR at checkout to access the sale pricing.

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