This World Sleep Day, we're giving you the gift of better sleep

This weekend only, get 20% off the award-winning W1.27 Mattress


e started WRIGHT out of the appreciation for a truly great night's sleep.  Good sleep is the foundation of all we do in life, and is has a direct impact on your health, your mood, and your productivity every day.  
This year, to celebrate World Sleep Day and its mission of promoting better sleep health, we're giving the gift of great sleep to even more people with 20% off our entire collection of American-made mattresses & bedding, including the 5-star rated W1.27 Mattress.  Use code WORLDSLEEPDAY at checkout to redeem your savings of up to $439 off your mattress purchase.

Our W1.27 Mattress, engineered to deliver deeper and more restful sleep.

Grounded in real sleep data

We developed our W1.27 Mattress specifically to help our customers sleep better.  During our R&D process we recruited an army of testers, gave them all Jawbone UP Band activity trackers, and monitored their sleep quality, night after night, for more than two years.  We tracked how long it took them to fall asleep, how many times they woke each night, and how rested they felt when they woke up. 

We then used this data to guide our product development, improving and iterating our mattress through 27 rounds of prototyping, and continually tracking the impact of our mattress on our testers' sleep.  Through this method, we were able to develop the first mattress truly engineered to deliver a better night's sleep.  

A Jawbone Up Band used in WRIGHT product testing


This weekend only - 20% off

This weekend, we're giving you 20% off our lineup of American-made mattresses and bedding.  We know how important good sleep is, and we want to help more people to experience the magic of a truly great night's sleep.  



If you’re interested in trying the W1.27 Mattress yourself, use code WORLDSLEEPDAY and save up to $439 off your purchase.  As always, we offer free delivery, free in-home installation, and a risk-free 120 night trial. 

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